St Lucia Tourist Attractions

st lucia tourist attractions

St Lucia Tourist Attractions Herewith is a complete list of all St Lucia tourist attractions in St Lucia, KwaZulu Natal South Africa St Lucia Tourist Attractions St Lucia has fast become the top destination in KwaZulu Natal and for good reason. In 1999 it was declared as South Africa’s very first world heritage site. The … Read more

iSimangaliso Guided Walks

isimangaliso guided walks

iSimangaliso Guided Walks Venture into the iSimangaliso Wetland Park on a Guided Walk Where to Enjoy a Guided Walk First of all, iSimangaliso is massive and knowing who and where one may enjoy a guided walk is imperative. Areas to enjoy guided Walks in St Lucia St Lucia, Iphiva Walking Trail, Igwalagwala Birding & Walking … Read more

Sodwana Bay Deep Sea Fishing

sodwana bay deep sea fishing

Sodwana Bay Deep Sea Fishing Mail Us Today Deep-Sea Fishing Sodwana Bay Sodwana Bay is situated within the iSimangaliso Wetland Park, South Africa’s very first world heritage site. Synonymous for its magnificent Deep Sea Fishing one truly has a chance for some incredible fishing. Sodwana Bay Scuba Diving No matter where you may have scuba … Read more

7 Reasons to Visit KwaZulu Natal

7 reasons to visit kwazulu natal

7 Reasons to Visit KwaZulu Natal We have compiled 7 Reasons to Visit KwaZulu Natal and trust that you agree. Come Explore and Experience Kwazulu Natal for yourself. “I had a farm in Africa..” is the famous well-known words of prolific Danish author Karen  Blixen, and this phrase of course immortalized by Meryl Streep in … Read more

St Lucia Boat Tours & Charters


ST LUCIA BOAT TOURS & CHARTERS We offer numerous Boat Tours & Charters in the area of St Lucia. Let us know if you would like something special.  Have a question? Give us a call +27 35 5901555 St Lucia is truly blessed in being able to offer such an incredible array of Boat Tours … Read more

South Africa Safari Tour Packages

south africa safari tour packages

South Africa Safari Tour Packages Wanting to explore and Discover South Africa, why not enjoy one of our extra ordinary Overnight Safari Tour Packages SAFARI TOUR PACKAGE OFFERS Join us on a magical and incredible discovery into one of the most magnificent provinces of South Africa. KwaZulu Natal offers of the very best Safari Tour … Read more

LeatherBack Turtle Facts

Leatherback Turtle Facts

Leatherback Turtle Facts The Leatherback turtle, scientifically known as the Dermochelys coriacea, is known to be the largest sea turtle. There is estimated to be a population of around 34000 to 35000 nesting females. Tweet Leatherback Turtle Facts Characteristics The name of the turtle gives a clue to the physical features of this sea turtle. … Read more

Southern Right Whale Facts

southern right whale facts

Southern Right Whale Facts Right whales were first classified in the genus Balaena in 1758. Throughout the 1800 s and 19000 authorities repeatedly re-categorized the three populations of the right whales. Tweet Length Can grow to an impressive 16 meters  Weight A staggering 60 tons Gestation Up to 12 months long Lifespan A remarkable 50 … Read more

Humpback Whale Facts

humpback whale facts

Humpback Whale Facts Humpback whales are massive animals, nearly the size of a school bus. Humpbacks do not have a hump on their back, the name derives from the large hump that forms in the waters before they take a deep dive in the sea.  Tweet Humpback Whale Facts Humpbacks are famous for their haunting, melodic … Read more

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