St Lucia South Africa Beaches

Come and enjoy firsthand why this area was proclaimed a world heritage site in 1999 by Unesco. With tropical unspoiled St Lucia South Africa Beaches as far as the eye can see. This article will offer you some amazing information regarding all of the accessible beaches along the St Lucia coastline as well as Cape Vidal beaches.

But first one has to understand that St Lucia is situated within the iSimangaliso Wetland Park and is, therefore, part of a world heritage site. The coastline stretches for 220 km starting in the South from Mhepelane Lighthouse towards Kosi Bay in the North.

Numerous other beaches are also accessible in the North and include the likes of Sodwana Bay, Kosi Bay, Black Rock, and numerous more. However, this article will primarily focus on the St Lucia Beaches.

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St Lucia Main Beach

Situated on the eastern side of St Lucia, the distance from town is approximately 2km and is an easy walk. The beach area has 3 different parking areas with easy access and ablutions (Main Beach, Jabula Beach and Ingwe Beach). The main beach (St Lucia Beach) is predominantly sandy. This stretch of beach may be followed South towards Mphelane and one may even hike past it when the estuary is closed. To the North one may hike or even enjoy a bike ride towards First rocks which is approximately 7 km. Please note that biking should be done at low tide for easier access.

The predominant winds are southwesterly and northeasterly, rip currents are prevalent and care should be taken when swimming.

One should note that sea-going vessels do launch from the beach mostly in the South, please do refrain from swimming in these areas.

St Lucia Beach Activities Include:

Shore angling is one of the most popular activities due to the varying fish species that may be bagged along this coastline. One should make sure that you do have a fishing license that may be purchased from the local post office. Lazying about and swimming is of course year-round due to the tropical weather and Indian Ocean Currents.

Surfing and bodyboarding may be enjoyed at the main beach. Deep-Sea fishing is yet another reason to visit. For those wanting a bit more adventure why not hike up towards First Rocks, or along the Estuary. When hiking past the estuary please do be aware that Nile Crocodiles and Hippos are present and that caution must be taken. Alternatively, hike towards Mphelane Beach or enjoy a St Lucia Beach Horse Ride.

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While in St Lucia one has the opportunity of enjoying unspoiled pristine beaches as far as the eye can see. With warm Indian Ocean currents, year-round one is assured of warm tropical water. temperature range from 28 degrees during the summer months to 18 degrees during the winter months. These beaches are known for various activities such as rock and surf angling both during winter and summer. Summer catches may include Shad and during the summer months, one may bag species such as Grunter and other game fish.

Other Activities also include the Turtle egg-laying season that occurs from November to the end of March each year, one has a chance to see both Leather Back and Loggerhead Turtles. Earlier in the year, one may also witness the Whales migrating of the beaches of St Lucia, the enormous and mighty Humpback whales make their annual migration past the St Lucia Beaches from June to end November a spectacular sight.

One must take care when swimming off the St Lucia Beaches as strong currents are prevalent please do ensure that you are swimming where other bathers are. During the hot summer months please do take sunblock along as the beaches do become very warm and make sure that you have enough drinking water.

The St Lucia Beaches are incredible and pristine. Other beaches in close proximity include the Cape Vidal Beach a mere 28km from the St Lucia Beach this area is within the iSimangaliso Wetland Park and is magnificent with a protected bay and splendid picnic facilities its a must while in St Lucia en-route to Cape Vidal one may also encounter various wildlife not to mention some of the highest vegetated sand dunes in the world. Make a stop at the various outlooks and loop roads while taking a leisurely drive through to Cape Vidal Beach.

St Lucia South Africa Beaches

st lucia south africa beach

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Cape Vidal & Mission Rocks Beaches

St Lucia South Africa Beaches

mission rocks cape vidal

Travelling from St Lucia into the iSimangaliso Wetland Park one has the opportunity of enjoying both the bush and the beach. This wonderous area is a proclaimed world heritage site and with its abundance of wildlife, you are in for a super exciting day out. For those wanting to enjoy only some sun and fun then travel towards Cape Vidal 28km North.

The sandy beaches with scattered rocks makes for some enjoyable swimming, snorkelling and fishing. Cape Vidal has a protected bay from where everyone can easily access the beach.

It is advisable that all snorkelling is only done at Low Tide due to the incoming tides. The Cape Vidal Beach may become busy during the high season and one may also enjoy the Mission Rocks Beach area. Mission Rocks is situated almost halfway between St Lucia and Cape Vidal Beach.

For more information regarding Cape Vidal, Camping, Log Cabins, Beach Launching and much more please do Click Here

This area has a rocky topography towards the South however towards the North somewhat sandy beaches are present as well as Bats Caves. With rocky pools and rock outcrops, one may venture towards and explore to one's heart's content.

Like to enjoy some bush time then why not visit the Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park the oldest proclaimed game reserve in Africa. This 96000-hectare reserve is the largest in the KwaZulu Natal Province and is also home to the Big 5.

From town take beach road and continue towards the beach, distance is plus-minus 3km, alternatively, one may also drive down towards the ski boat club and walk along the boardwalk to access the beach. 

Yes, absolutely however please do take note of the rip currents. 

Ingwe Beach is approximately 1,3km from St Lucia

Jabula Beach is approximately 1,8km from St Lucia 

The St Lucia Beach is completely sand for as far as the eye can see. 

Yes, absolutely one may encounter some species of wildlife on the St Lucia Beach. Species include the likes of Nile Crocodiles, Hippos, Antelope, and the odd Leopard. 

This is not a daily occurrence however wildlife may definitely be seen on the beach.

Care has to be taken at any beach, it is safe however one must take care of the currents.

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