Deep Sea Fishing St Lucia South Africa

Deep Sea Game & Marlin Fishing in St Lucia South Africa

St Lucia, KwaZulu Natal

Departing daily (Weather Dependent), from St Lucia, South Africa. South Africa's top deep sea game fishing destination.

Maximum Anglers

We strive to offer the very best service and therefore only accommodate 6 Anglers per launch.

World Heritage Site

Don't forget to take your cameras along as the coastline is incredible with some fascinating scenery.

Deep-Sea Fishing from St Lucia has for years been one of the highlights in the area due to the incredible fish species found along the St Lucia Coastline. All deep-sea fishing or charter fishing is beach launch which undoubtedly makes for some adrenaline and excitement. Deep-Sea Fish Species vary according to the season, summer is the most favorable.

Summer Fishing Species include Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado, Wahoo, Cuda (King Mackerel), and Tuna. Winter Deep Sea Fishing Species include Queen Mackerel, Tuna, and Cuda (occasionally).

All Deep Sea Game Fishing departs from the local St Lucia beach designated for boat launches only as the sun rises. Please note that fishing permits are required prior to launch for each angler. Should you require more information then please do contact us.

Sea Sickness and Deep Sea Game Fishing from St Lucia. Sea Sickness is unfortunately a reality however note that due to the fact that we are Game Fishing and that the vessel is constantly moving and not idle this eliminates seasickness to a large degree. Numerous Pharmaceutical products for seasickness is fortunately available. For more information please contact our local Chemist +27  035 590 1612.


Deep-Sea Fishing from St Lucia and Deep Sea Fishing Gear, Lures and Techniques.

Fishing Gear used is of the latest and the newest on the market. All rods and reels are well maintained to ensure optimum use. Weather conditions will dictate which gear (lures & techniques) are to be used on a particular day. Big Game Fishing in particular from St Lucia remains particularly good as numerous species may be caught (Tag & Release of Marlin, Sailfish) is recommended.

Deep-Sea Fishing St Lucia Techniques:

Live bait fishing is in particular very popular of the St Lucia coast, smaller baitfish are used for the likes of Cuta, Snoek (Queen Mackerel). While larger live baits such as bonito is used for Marlin and Sailfish.

Trolling with lures offers good results for Dorado, Sailfish, and Marlin.

Trolling with bait strips is particularly good for catching Queen Mackerel in the winter months.

Flick Sticking is incredibly fun especially when the Queen Mackerel are biting as light fishing tackle is used.

Big Game Fishing (marlin & sailfish) larger lures are used if no live bait is available. Trolling with lures for big game fish also offers us to fish in larger areas.


What Set's St Lucia apart from other areas regarding Deep Sea Fishing

  • The warm tropical Indian Ocean offers various species of Game Fish
  • No Harbour with a limited amount of vessels ensures a better catch
  • Only Game Fish species may be caught
  • Bottom fish thus attract more Game Fish
  • Experienced and trustworthy concessioners
  • All vessels surveyed yearly by SAMSA
  • Peace of mind

2020/2021 Deep-Sea fishing report comes as no surprise that awesome catches were made during the festive season. The fish species Dorado arrived early and with a frantic amount of vessels launching nice size species were bagged.

Both St Lucia and Cape Vidal were as expected busy with vessels launching during this period. As the warmer waters once came closer into land Cuta starting biting along with some Sailfish. All in all once again a tremendous time to have been out on the water.

Ocean Commotion Fishing Charters

Owner: Hofman

Prior Bookings: Essential - Online Bookings Available


Ocean Commotion offers and delivers the very best when it comes to experience, knowledge, and vessel. This superb vessel is ideal for all weather conditions, offers ample space to move around freely, and most important incredible fishing tackle.

Please ensure that you do have a fishing permit.

Ocean Commotion fishing charters st lucia kwazulu natal

Astrix Deep Sea Fishing Charters St Lucia

Owner: Maans

Prior Bookings: Essential


When it comes to experience and years out on the ocean then Maans has just what you may be looking for. This conscientious skipper will at all times make sure that you are looked after. Get you to the best areas possible while out on the incredible Indian Ocean with gob-smacking views. You are in for a true treat.

Please ensure that you do have a fishing permit.

astrix charter vessel st lucia south africa

Free Spirit Deep Sea Fishing Charters St Lucia

Owner: Walter Leibrandt

Prior Bookings: Essential


Free Spirit Charters offers a professional service with a friendly and helpful skipper to ensure the best fishing adventure. Frequently caught species include, Tuna, Dorado, Sailfish, Marlin, King and Queen Mackrel, Kingfish Species, and much more. With extensive knowledge of our local St Lucia waters, our dedicated sipper will host your fishing experience, catering to both seasoned and novice anglers wanting to add a bit of adrenaline to their holiday.

We can launch with a maximum of 6 anglers onboard our FREE SPIRIT Carrycat 830, equipped with state of the art electronics, radios, and the latest top of the range fishing tackle and equipment with two Suzuki 200 cc engines.

charter fishing st lucia south africa



Amazing fishing charters in St Lucia with excellent, friendly and helpful skipper, bait and tackle supplied



Friendly and helpful skipper on a well equipped boat, all bait and tackle supplied, enjoyed by all!

charter game fishing tips
deep sea fishing tips

Deep Sea Fishing Tips

Adrenaline, Excitement usually contributes to one loosing fish. Deep Sea Game Fishing can be incredible exciting, however their are numerous ways to avoid loosing ones prized fish while out on a charter.

Top Tips:

  • Listen to the skipper he has numerous years of experience
  • Once a game fish strikes get to the rod as quickly as possible
  • Keep your line as taught as possible without to much pressure
  • Ensure their is no slack in the line
  • Gradually gain line do not force the game fish
  • Work with the current if possible
  • Your skipper will pursue the fish with the boat making it easier to gain line
  • Once you have sight of the fish inform the skipper
  • Always remember that once the fish nears the boat the fish will undoubtedly make a last attempt to get away.
  • Keep calm as this is in most cases when fish are lost
  • Gradually once again gain line with even pressure
  • Once the fish is close to the boat lighten the pressure

The easiest way to make a booking would be to drop us an email. 

Absolutely yes, all fish bagged is yours to keep and enjoy. Please note that only game fishing is permitted and no bottom fishing is allowed.

Firstly one has to have a fishing permit. These permits are obtainable from the post office. Legally that's all that is needed.

Definitely take a hat, sunblock, something to snack on, and bottled water.

All tackle, rods, and bait is supplied by the various charter boats. 

Deep Sea Fishing Tips for Game Fishing, Enjoy

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