Fishing St Lucia South Africa

Charter Fishing St Lucia

Game Fish Fishing Only

Fishing Permit Required

Rock & Surf Fishing St Lucia

Specific Species (Tag & Release)

Fishing Permit Required

Charter Fishing St Lucia

Charter Fishing in St Lucia South Africa is incredibly popular due to the fact that various game fish species are bag-gable in the area. Please note that a fishing permit is needed prior to departing on any vessel.

The Indian Ocean offers warmer waters year round this combined with unsurpassed views of the iSimangaliso Wetland Park coastline is but incredible. Two fishing seasons are on offer the warmer summer months see's the likes of King Mackerel, Dorado (Dolphin Fish), Sail Fish and Marlin. All Bill Fish (Sail Fish & Marlin) are tag & release.

During the winter months one may enjoy catching the elusive Queen Mackerel on lighter tackle.

Rock & Surf Fishing St Lucia

Rock & Surf fishing along the shores offers species such Shad, Gt's, Grunter and numerous other types of species. The coastline is incredibly scenic and during the winter months one may also enjoy sights of Whales breaching.

Please ensure that you have a valid fishing permit, obtainable from the local post office. Rock & Surf Fishing may be conducted along the entire coastline of St Lucia as well as within the iSimangaliso Wetland Park (From St Lucia entrance). Enjoy the likes of Mission rocks and Cape Vidal. Fly Fishing has too become ever popular within the area.

Numerous fish & tackle shops are available in St Lucia should you like to try your hand at fishing.

Fishing St Lucia South Africa

Charter Fishing Operators St Lucia

Ocean Commotion Fishing Charters

Owner: Jan

Prior Bookings: Essential

Contact No: 035 5901555

Jan enjoys fishing the larger species and with an incredible vessel, you are in for a treat.

fishing st lucia south africa

Asterix Fishing Charters

Owner: Maans Vorster

Prior Bookings: Essential

Contact No: 035 5901555

With numerous years of experience in the area, you are assured of some incredible fishing.

charter fishing st lucia south africa

Wave Dancer Fishing Charters

Owner: Barend

Prior Bookings: Essential

Contact No: 035 5901555

Knowledgeable and experienced skipper, enjoy a delightful days fishing.

charter fishing st lucia kwazulu natal list

Maverick Fishing Charters

Owner: Johan

Prior Bookings: Essential

Contact No: 035 5901555

Lighter tackle for some amazing fishing, fly fishing, and spinning a real test of one's ability makes for some great fishing.

maverick-fishing-charters st lucia south africa

Free Spirit Deep Sea Charter's

Owner: Walter Leibrandt

Prior Bookings: Essential

Contact No: 035 5901555

Free Spirit Charters offers a professional service with a friendly and helpful skipper to ensure the best fishing adventure. Frequently caught species include, Tuna, Dorado, Sailfish, Marlin, King and Queen Mackrel, Kingfish Species, and much more.

deep sea game fishing st lucia south africa

Fishing St Lucia South Africa Tips

Deep sea fishing charters are all surf launches, all charters are weather dependant. Each skipper in the area of St Lucia has numerous years of experience and safety is key. All of the above operators are also iSimangaliso Wetland Park concessionaires.

Surf launching of the beach may be one of the most adrenaline filled experiences that you may ever experience. Please adhere to the skippers at all times. The majority of fishing charters in St Lucia take place early morning. You will meet the designated charter at a designated point from where you will depart. Ensure that you have packed some tasty treats and a lot of bottled water please. Please enquire from the Charter what is included on the vessel.

What to take along on your charter fishing excursion:

  • Sunblock
  • Hat
  • Windbreaker or light Jacket
  • Backpack (water proof if possible)
  • Snacks
  • Bottled Water
  • Fishing Permit

How to Avoid Sea Sickness

  • Drop into the Chemist for some tablets
  • Avoid alcohol the night before
  • Have a good sleep the night before
  • Should you feel sea sick keep an eye on the coastline as this may assist in feeling a bit better

Fishing St Lucia South Africa

Fish Species (Game Fish)

King Mackerel

The King Mackerel or King Fish is a migratory fish, commonly caught of the shores of St Lucia during the summer months. Typical weights are 5 to 14 kg. This specie can be caught using various methods including trolling, drifting with live bait and flick sticking.

Caught in varying depths of 12 to 45 meters of water. They are super fast and make for some tremendous fishing. Caught typically in summer.


King-Mackeral st lucia


Mahi-mahi, dolphin fish or commonly refereed to as Dorado in South Africa. This is surface ray finned fish found in tropical waters. Typical weights of catches are 7 to 13 kg. Caught predominantly in the summer months. Techniques used include trolling, spooning and drifting with live baits.

They can swim as fast as 92 km/h.


dolphinfish st lucia south africa


Sailfish are part of the billfish specie. Sailfish grow incredibly quickly and may attain sizes of 1,5 meters within a single year. Feeding on the surface or middle depths on smaller pelagic fish. Predominantly caught during the summer months.

Tag & Release of these magnificent species is highly appreciated.


sailfish st lucia kwazulu natal


Marlin which includes 10 species, white marlin, black marlin excetra. The black marlin may grow in lengths exceeding 5 meters. These incredible animals may reech speeds of upto 80 km/h. Caught primarily in the summer months.

Tag & Release is highly appreciated.


Black Marlin st lucia south africa

Charter Fishing St Lucia

Rock & Surf Fishing St Lucia

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