St Lucia Charter Fishing

St Lucia Charter Fishing South Africa ASTRIX CHARTERS

St Lucia, KwaZulu Natal Charter Fishing

Departing daily (Weather Dependent), from St Lucia, South Africa. South Africa's top Charter Fishing Destination.

Maximum Anglers Per Charter Fishing

We strive to offer the very best service and therefore only accommodate 5 Anglers per Charter Fishing Launch.

Charter Fishing Legal Requirements

Please note that all Charter Fishing Clients are legally Required to have a fishing permit.

Asterix St Lucia Charter Fishing is a licensed fishing operator ( permit holder, iSimangaliso Wetland Park). Astrix Charter Fishing has been operating for the last 20 years in St Lucia, KwaZulu Natal area. Maans Vorster has more than 35 years of experience in fishing in the waters in and around the area. An avid and experienced skipper that will undoubtedly ensure that all of your charter fishing requirements are met.

Charter Fishing Vessel is a 22 Foot Catamaran. The reason for a catamaran is due to comfort and stability. The vessel has a large deck making it easier for clients to move around and also to fight fish. All charter fishing vessels are inspected and licensed yearly as per the SAMSA requirements.

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St Lucia Charter Fishing Outline

Departing daily (weather dependant), a normal day starts at 6:00 am when Astrix Charters fetches you directly from your accommodation in and around the town of St Lucia. Please remember to bring water resistant (water proof) jacket if possible, sunblock, hat, snacks and refreshments. Travelling down to the beach enjoy some magnificent Sun rises, vervet monkeys and other wildlife en-route. Once at the beach we travel along the beach to the designated launch area for ski boats only.

After a brief safety briefing, life jackets on we set off to see what the ocean has to offer.

All tackle, equipment and bait is supplied.

St Lucia Charter Fishing Catch of the Day

All prolific fish species are allowed to be kept by the customers. These fish species include, Cuta, Snoek (Queen Mackerel), Dorado, Tuna and Wahoo. Please note that all Bill-fish must be released.

st lucia charter fishing with Astrix charters

St Lucia Charter Fishing Astrix Charters

Owner: Maans Vorster

Prior Bookings: Essential


Charter Fishing Options

Boat Charter Cost

R5500.00    5 Clients Maximum

Enjoy the entire vessel to yourselves. This option offers you the ability to enjoy fishing with your friends or family. Tackle, Bait included.

Charter Fishing Cost

R1500.00 per person 5 Clients Maximum

Game Fishing 6 to 7 hours.

We would be delighted should you decide to join us on a St Lucia Charter Fishing outing. We will strive to offer you the very best service and of course incredible fishing opportunities. Should you require additional information please do not hesitate in contacting us.

St Lucia has for years been a top fishing destination due to the fish species found in the area. This is primarily due to the Indian Ocean currents and nutrients.

Please note that all Charter Fishing from St Lucia is weather dependant and for that reason, you will only be notified on the day whether or not the vessel will launch or not.

During the winter months, the seas are a bit messier however this is snoek season a true test of fishing. Summer months are incredible however quite warm so please do ensure that you bring some sunblock along.



We had a blast when we went deep sea fishing over December. The skipper (Maans) was great, the experience was great. We ended up going twice!!



We were not sure what this experience will bring . We used Maas he knows the ocean of St Lucia . His years of experience made a big difference. We caught some nice size fish. We had two young boys with us and he assisted them and gave them a great experience catching some decent size fish

Enjoy the very best St Lucia Charter Fishing

how to prevent sea sickness

How to Prevent Sea Sickness

  • Rest truly helps in preventing sea sickness (sleep well the night before)
  • Antiemetic drugs are available to prevent and curb sea sickness
  • Fresh Air, should you feel ill, move to the front of the vessel
  • Stay center to the vessel the motion of the vessel may cause illness
  • Eat light a light meal before setting out to sea, on the vessel take light snacks
  • Acupressure wristband's do work
  • Always enquire from the Charter Fishing company with regards to the forth coming weather

St Lucia Charter Fishing with AstriX Charters

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