cape vidal snorkeling

Snorkeling Cape Vidal South Africa

Ready to explore and discover Cape Vidal South Africa while out snorkeling, well let us get you started. Where and When to Go Snorkeling.

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Vidal snorkeling

Snorkeling Cape Vidal South Africa

Cape Vidal Snorkeling precautions

Please take note that their are strong rip currents in the bay at Cape Vidal, South Africa. Should you like to go snorkeling at Cape Vidal then it is advisable that the following should be noted.

Snorkeling should only take place 1 hour prior and 1 hour after low tide. This is when one can enjoy the very best snorkeling in the protected bay of Cape Vidal. The conditions (currents) are most favorable between these times and are therefore the safest as well.

Please ensure that you do have a tide chart so that you make sure that your timings are correct.

Snorkeling Gear

Cape Vidal Bay is a semi protected bay and therefore makes for some incredible snorkeling opportunities.

Gear Needed:

  • Mask & Snorkel
  • Fins (if possible)
  • Sunblock a must

During low tide it is not imperative to have fins as their is not much current one can therefore enjoy the bay to ones leisure. Due to the warm Indian Ocean a wetsuit is not needed.


vidal snorkeling

Where to Snorkel at Cape Vidal

Once you arrive at Cape Vidal, you will see on the far right the reef starts. It is from their that one can enjoy snorkeling all the way towards the end of the reef. One will also see a pole sticking out at the end of the reef. This not only marks the end of the reef but is also utilized for the Boats Launching from Cape Vidal.

Please at all times be on the look out for Sea going vessels are not only do they launch from the same site but also return through the same area. Ezemvello usually have someone with a whistle notifying you that you are swimming or snorkeling in the wrong area. Please adhere to them at all times.

Scattered reefs and rocks are to be found within the bay, be on the look out for the mast of a old ship as well as this makes for some interesting shelter for the fish. Numerous fish species can be witnessed while snorkeling in Cape Vidal not to mention the odd game fish and crayfish. Please note that crayfish are not allowed to be removed as this is a protected area (isimangaliso wetland park).

During winter its is common for the bay to sand up a bit and by summer the sand will once again be moved by the dominant currents.

Snorkeling Cape Vidal South Africa

cape vidal blue bottle

Snorkeling Cape Vidal & Blue bottles

During the prevailing winds (North westerlies) it is a common occurrence that Blue Bottles will wash up onto shore. These can cause certain pain and one must be on the look out for them at all times. These blue bottles are not common during the South winds though.

Should you be stung by a blue bottle try and put vinegar onto the affected area as soon as possible.


Cape Vidal Snorkeling Tours

Heritage Tours & Safaris offers daily outings to Cape Vidal, South Africa. Offered are Half Day Safari Tours with an emphasis on snorkeling at Cape Vidal and a Full Day Safari Tour with an emphasis on both wildlife and snorkeling at Cape Vidal.

Not only can one enjoy day time safari outings but also Turtle Tours from Cape Vidal please do take note that these excursions are seasonal.

Snorkeling Cape Vidal South Africa

Cape Vidal Snorkeling Trip Options

st lucia south africa ,safarisHeritage Tours & Safaris offers both Half and Full-Day snorkeling trips to Cape Vidal. The full-day includes a super picnic lunch, gate fees, and mask and snorkel.

Travel into the park on an open game drive safari vehicle and enjoy the wildlife en-route to Cape Vidal.

Should you like more information please do not hesitate in calling our office at +27 3 5901555 or drop us a mail at

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