Picnic Cape Vidal

South Africa

"iSimangaliso Wetland Park"

A place of Miracles


Cape Vidal offers a unique destination not only will you get to experience and witness various wildlife en-route to Cape Vidal, swim or snorkel but also some incredible areas to enjoy a picnic.

Picnic areas are scattered about within the area of Cape Vidal. Making this the ideal area from where to relax and enjoy the amazing wildlife that may be witnessed or better yet some magnificent views of the Indian Ocean.

Please take note that one will most definitely experience Samango Monkeys that frequent the area. These endangered monkeys are quite spectacular however a bit naughty so take care not to leave your food stuff unattended. Please do not FEED them.

The picnic areas become extremely busy and therefore it is first come first serve. Don't forget the charcoal and tongs. For those larger groups take some extra chairs with as most picnic areas can cater for upto 6.



Picnic Recipes

With such incredible views and such a tremendous area to relax in why not enjoy some of our favorite recipes while at Cape Vidal.

  • Vidal Potato Surprise

Start that barbecue, once the coals are cool enough wrap some cocktail potatoes in Tin Foil, add olive oil, salt, pepper, chilli, onion.

Poke the potatoes so that they can cook a bit quicker then wrap nice and tightly and put onto the grid. Cook for approx 35 min on a moderate heat. Remove and let cool completely, remove the skin and slice into quarters. Add diced mango, pineapple and mayonnaise.

  • Cape Fruit Salad

Purchase your fresh fruit (Tropical) from the St Lucia local market situated on McKenzie street. Depending on the season one should be guaranteed of fresh pineapples, mango, banana and other tropical fruit. At Cape Vidal cut all of the various fruit up into cubes deceed and add to a bowl. Add 1 can of mixed fruit especially all of the sauce. Leave in a cooler box with as much ice as possible. Prior to serving add either whipped cream or ice cream.

isimangaliso wetland park cape vidal entrance

So you are of to enjoy a picnic at Cape Vidal we have included all Gate Times and Entry Fees, please take note as should you depart late out of the park a fine will be imposed. Opening times are extremely busy in season and it is advisable to be at the gate early to ensure access through as visitors are limited to 120 vehicles per day. Other areas to picnic while in the park include Mission Rocks.

Once at the gate you will be required to have either your I.D. Book or drivers licence. You will be given a receipt PLEASE DO NOT LOOSE IT. As this will have to be handed back in when you depart out of the park.

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