Camping Cape Vidal South Africa

iSimangaliso Wetland Park

Let's Camp in South Africa's first World Heritage Site.

Cape Vidal Campsite in itself is a splendid and fascinating area, from warm tropical Indian Ocean currents that ensure swimming or snorkeling year-round. Wildlife that roam the area includes Bush Buck, Samango Monkeys, Leopard, and many other incredible creatures that may be witnessed while at Cape Vidal. Not only can one enjoy an incredible day at Cape Vidal but also enjoy the picnic areas scattered in and around the area.

So why then not Camp in Cape Vidal during one of your breaks, the campgrounds are well maintained, and with newly renovated ablution blocks and electric points at all sites, one is in for a remarkable treat.

Please do take note that Camping in Cape Vidal is sought after and camping spots get booked up well in advance especially during the festive season and other holidays. It is advisable to try and pre-book especially if you would like to camp during these times.

Getting to the Cape Vidal Campsite Caravan Park (Direction)

Once you arrive in St Lucia turn left at the circle and continue for 3km. You will arrive at the iSimangaliso Wetland Park Gate ( Eastern shores). Should you have booked your campsite in Cape Vidal please provide your receipt at the reception. Continue straight for approximately 28km. Once you pass the cattle grid you will see the Cape Vidal Campsite entrance on your left-hand side. However please continue straight to the KZN Wildlife office on the left-hand side as well. The office will assign you a campsite number. From here continue back to the campsite.

Getting to the Beach from the Campsite

It's a short walk and a car would not be needed. Continue straight past the offices and you will see the incredible beach on your left-hand side.

cape vidal beach

Cape Vidal Camping Campsite

The campsite caravan park offers the following amenities:

  • 50 Campsites
  • Electric Plug points are available at each campsite
  • Ablutions offer, Bath and Shower facilities as well as flushing toilets
  • Gate entry is secure with guard
  • Easy Access to the Beach
  • Wildlife
  • Small convenience store
  • Fuel Bowser
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Cape Vidal Camping Benefits

Camping at Cape Vidal has numerous benefits, for one it's a world heritage site. That means wildlife and pristine beaches. The campsite is located within the Cape Vidal area which is adjacent to the beach.

The iSimangaliso Wetland Park closes to the public each evening. This offers you the opportunity of staying within a park and being able to access the beach during these times. Another benefit of overnighting at Cape Vidal Campsite is that you may launch your vessel at the same time as the gates open to the public.

Wildlife within the area of Cape Vidal is quite spectacular Samango Monkeys, as well as Vervet Monkeys, are present. Duiker and other antelope may also be witnessed.

So maybe it's time to pack and set off to Cape Vidal and enjoy some amazing camping. After all who wouldn't like a beach to themselves.

Cape Vidal Camping Rates

High Season

  • 04 Dec  – 15 Jan
  • 20 Mar  – 31 Mar
  •  1 Apr  – 4 May
  • 12 Jun  – 07 Jul
  • 06 Aug  – 12 Aug
  • 18 Sep  – 29 Sep
  • 02 Dec  – 13 Jan

Please note that these days may change without notification.

R1008.00 for a 4 person campsite, an additional R252 per person.

Low Season

Low Season rates apply to all dates not indicated as High Season.

R336.00 for 2 persons camping with an additional R168.00 per person.

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When in Cape Vidal, Please Take Note

Snorkeling is one of the top attractions, however, caution must be taken and snorkeling should only take place at low tide. This is due to the strong currents.

Fishing both rock and surf is permitted however a fishing license is required.

Deep-Sea Fishing at Cape Vidal is permitted once again all anglers are in need of a license, please note that skippers of a vessel require an additional license.

Spear Fishing from Cape Vidal is also permitted however a license is required.

Please note that no bottom fishing is allowed as this is a protected marine reserve.

Please refrain from feeding any wildlife.

Some other Amazing Campsites / Caravan Parks within the iSimangaliso Wetland Park

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