whale sightings st lucia 2019

Whale Sightings St Lucia 2019 It’s official, the whales have arrived The first sightings of Humpback Whales of the St Lucia coastline has been confirmed. This early arrival has sparked some incredible excitement. Usually, Humpback Whales will return to St Lucia mid-June however this year the first sightings took place in May 2019.  The sighting … Read more

southern right whale facts

Southern Right Whale Facts Right whales were first classified in the genus Balaena in 1758. Throughout the 1800 s and 19000 authorities repeatedly re-categorized the three populations of the right whales. Tweet Length Can grow to an impressive 16 meters  Weight A staggering 60 tons Gestation Up to 12 months long Lifespan A remarkable 50 … Read more

humpback whale facts

Humpback Whale Facts Humpback whales are massive animals, nearly the size of a school bus. Humpbacks do not have a hump on their back, the name derives from the large hump that forms in the waters before they take a deep dive in the sea.  Tweet Humpback Whale Facts Humpbacks are famous for their haunting, melodic … Read more

whale watching south africa

Whale Watching South Africa Tweet Roughly 37 Whale Species Found in the waters of South Africa. Whales Spend 90 % Of their time below the water, how incredible? Humpback Whales Are reportedly to be 60 000 animals currently Humpback Whales  May migrate upto 16 000 miles Whale Watching South Africa South Africa is one of … Read more

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