st lucia turtle tours updates

St Lucia Turtle Tours Updates

St Lucia South Africa a world heritage site has so much to offer and just one of those incredible explorations include Turtle Tours along the majestic beach of iSimangaliso Wetland Park. Turtle Tours in the area are conducted mostly at night and according to the tides, therefore each night the tours would depart 45 min later than the previous evenings outing. St Lucia Turtle Tours offer something special something one would not have an opportunity else where and that is to enjoy wildlife enroute to the beach. Ths is due to the fact that one would have to travel for 27km through a reserve and this is where one has the added possibility of witnessing Leopard, Buffalo, Antelope, Hyena and much more and that only on the way their.

Once you arrive at Cape Vidal its beach time take a leisurely drive along one of the most amazing beaches in South Africa where you will have a chance of experiencing both Leather Back and Logger Heads laying their eggs. A light meal is included along the picturesque beach where one can see for miles. No vehicles have been able to access the beaches in the area since 2003 so you have it all to your self.

St Lucia Turtle Tours Updates:

The turtles have been a bit scarce however magnificent sightings of Logger Heads and Leather Backs have been witnessed, other incredible sightings have included Leopard, Hyena, Chameleons, Rhino, Buffalo and more. Its a once in a lifetime experience one that will be with you be the remainder of your life. Due to popularity and demand please note that only 10 seats are made available for this experience should you feel that you would like to join please do enquire for availability and departure times.

Please call today for your Turtle Tour at +27 35 5901555, or alternatively for more information please click here

Other updates in and around St Lucia and Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve, well summer is def here and with that comes the incredible display of Lions in trees once again. As we refer to them as the Zululand Xmas trees keep an eye out as you might just come across this unique sighting with the Hluhluwe Lions resting in the trees of the reserve. Please do note that the Umfolozi river does frequently flood the southern area and care should be taken when crossing the river. The lower Umfolozi remains a must if you are on safari with incredible sightings of Lions, Leopards, Buffalo and more.

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