Sodwana Bay Deep Sea Fishing

Deep-Sea Fishing Sodwana Bay

Sodwana Bay is situated within the iSimangaliso Wetland Park, South Africa's very first world heritage site. Synonymous for its magnificent Deep Sea Fishing one truly has a chance for some incredible fishing.

Sodwana Bay Scuba Diving

No matter where you may have scuba dived, Sodwana Bay will impress. With a multitude of scuba reefs and operators to choose from you are spoilt for choice when it comes to scuba diving in Sodwana Bay.

Where is Sodwana Bay?

Sodwana Bay is situated in the Northern Part of Zululand, KwaZulu Natal Province. Traveling from Durban distance is approximately 355 km travel time 4,30 hrs via the N2. From St Lucia to Sodwana Bay distance is 163.5 km and 2,30 hrs. 

Sodwana Map

Sodwana Bay Deep Sea Fishing

Sodwana Bay is primarily known for its deep-sea fishing and scuba diving. Numerous operators are available and one truly is spoilt for choice when it comes to both day fishing charters and scuba diving operators with years of experience.

Why exactly is Sodwana Bay so popular? first of all its a world heritage site its absolutely beautiful. Warm Indian Ocean currents year-round makes for a visit virtually anytime. Numerous fish species are found within the area and please do note that only GAME FISHING is permitted. No bottom fishing is allowed.

All anglers are to provide proof of a valid fishing license, and yes boats do get checked by the Parks officials.

Day Charters is one of the most popular activities in the area however prior bookings area essential especially in the high season. Numerous large fishing competitions take place during the year and it is advisable to check prior to arriving if you can still book a space on a charter vessel.

Private Deep Sea Fishing in the area is incredibly popular, should you be wondering about early morning on the beach why not head over to the launch area and see how these guys launch their massive boats from the beach it's quite impressive to see how one can improvise.

Scuba Diving in Sodwana Bay may be one of the very best areas to visit while in South Africa, with its numerous reefs within easy reach. One may easily do multiple dives within a day.


Sodwana Bay Fish Species

Summer Month Fishing Species (August to end May)

Winter Month Fishing Species (June to end July)

  • Tuna
  • Queen Mackeral

Sodwana Bay Deep Sea Beach Launching

Yes its a beach launch, no harbour means pushing your boat into the ocean and then venturing out to sea. As easy as it may sound it truly takes a bit of practice.

Moving sand bars, high and low tide and then yes the wind, contributes to making a beach launch quite interesting at times. Should you be launching from Sodwana Bay for the first time then it is advisable that maybe set one day aside to go and see how it's done. Ask as many questions as possible never have I met a skipper that wasn't willing to offer advice.

Preparation and know-how are key when it comes to beach launching. Having the right equipment winch, vehicle and crew will undoubtedly make your next launch go smooth. Don't forget about those bungs.

Please note that one has to have a fishing license boats and crew members do get checked so it's just not worth it to wing it.

The last reminder regarding launching make sure you know when its high and low tide and of course know what the wind is doing.


Sea Sickness and how to Avoid it

Not too sure if there actually is a 100% cure for it. However, try having an early night the night before. Don't consume alcohol as this may contribute serverly. Pharmacists sell a band that you may wear on your wrist I know personally of someone that swears by it. Should you feel ill keep your eye on land it sometimes helps as well. Keep hydrated. 

And by the way don't be that guy

Some Sodwana Deep Sea Fishing Videos to Enjoy

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