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As we approach winter tempretures gradually become cooler, with windless conditions and near perfect days, St Lucia really offers ideal winter tempretures due to hot tropical summer months. It is also offers a dramatic change in Activities in and around St Lucia. With the Indian Ocean currents cooling down the mirgation of Humpback Whales starts from mid June to the end of November, this annual migration may be witnessed from from the beach’s as well as Boat Based Whale Watching Operators. By July one has a 100% guarantee of witnessing them from the vessels and truly is a magnificent outing.

Other incredible Activities that transform St Lucia is Turtle Tours that start in November as once again the tempretures start to rise and the Leather Backs and Loggerheads resurface of the beaches of St Lucia. These outings only occur at night and is well worth it, female Turtles return to the origanal beaches year after year and their sibblings to will return to the exact same beach to lay their eggs later on in life. These outings take place in Cape Vidal and the tour also offers a Night Drive excursion while on route to Cape Vidal.

Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve Safaris, during winter months our dry season most water sources dry up within the game reserve, a natural occurance and a cycle of life, this however remains one fo the best times to go on a safari as water holes remaining are very good in sightings and one in the reserve should stay close to all water pans and rivers left remaining. Top tip this may just be the place to witness Cat activity.

Guided or unguided walking trails in and around St Lucia, take to one of many trails that curve their way around the town, antelope, variety of Bird species and larger game may be witnessed during these walks. Various tour operators offer guided game rangers and may just be well worth it.

Another top activity while in St Lucia during winter are the Hippo & Croc Boat Cruises, a 2 hour outing on a boat, get close up to the residants more than 1200 Crocodiles and 800 Hippo’s are reported to reside here, the Estuary a World Heritage site since 1999 offers slendid otings and well worth it. Or why not jump onto a Night Drive Safari as they go insearch of the elusive Leopard, Buffalo, Giraffe, Hippo and Elephants that may be witnessed on the Western Shores of iSimangaliso Wetlands Park.

For the fisherman numerous activities are available, join one of the Fishing charters that depart daily as they go insearch of game fish, please note that no bottom fishing is allowed from any Charter Fishing vessel within iSimangaliso Wetlands Park.

Its a place of wonder and miracles, witness and discover the magnificence that surrounds this town of St Lucia.

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Top Attraction is the Hippo Boat Cruises at R300 pp