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After years of operating in Zululand Heritage Tours & Safaris has always found it quite difficult to portray what it is exactly that we offer. Various marketing agents would suggest social marketing the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and numerous other platforms will showcase what it is that you offer. However, no sooner had we updated and uploaded to the various platforms and yet once again a sense that no this is still not what we offer persists. Well back to the marketing agents again try more informative websites they would say, upload more information, upload more pictures. Again and again one just senses no this is still not what we offer.

Why not try video some would say, well easier said than done the costs incurred are tremendous for one. Also having to accommodate filming crews when weather conditions are not at the best or wildlife sightings have not been good even though the conditions are ideal. And so it would seem that the dream of one day being able to showcase one's products via high definition video fades into oblivion.

Heritage Tours & Safaris has been fortunate to accommodate the likes of National Geographic and numerous other production crews, however, the footage filmed remains the property of the company obviously. And so the dilemma continued for years until recently we received a call out of the blue, Hi we are a video production company and would like to know if you would be interested in doing a product video?

Well ones first thoughts are usually cost cost cost, why not listen and hear what the man on the other side of the phone has to say, yes let's meet then. After a short (mind you very short) introduction of what it is that they offer yes the Price please Hmmmm not too bad. Maybe this is a hoax, quickly jumped onto google lets review them then I thought, Hmmm not bad.

Okay let's do it then was the decision, gulp pay first Hmmm dammmm.....

Paid.... what now, well you will meet with the videographer he will explain what he needs and that's it.

Three days later, lots of laughs and Morne (videographer) said well I'm off to Durban call you later..

Numerous correspondence led us to OUR Heritage Tours & Safaris Video Clip finally but wait we still haven't watched it, Finally, we have a video.


Heritage Tours & Safaris would like to thank Africa Travel Channel for their professional creation of our new Video, never before have we had the privilege of working with such a great team, there were no time constraint's and nothing was too big or too difficult. It is our absolute opinion that Africa Travel Channel    give you more than you could ever expect. Should you be interested in showcasing your product contact the guys at Africa Travel Channel.

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