Whale Watching St Lucia, Let's Go

St Lucia, South Africa offers you an opportunity to witness one of the most incredible sightings of Humpback Whales. 

Whale Watching St Lucia, South Africa

Humpback Whales may be witnessed from St Lucia as well as Cape Vidal. Whale Watching Season Starts June to the end of November.

When these gentle giants migrate off the shores of St Lucia South Africa during the winter months. Breaching of Humpbacks is a common sight and definitely one to remember.

Boat Based Whale Watching is available from St Lucia, however, please do take note that it is a beach launch and not a harbor launch. It is for this reason that whale watching from St Lucia is weather dependent.

The skipper will inform you as to the possibility of launching on the day of departure. This is primarily due to sea conditions that may change on the specific day.

Beach launching through the surf zone for the first time may only be described as Adventurous, Exciting and Adrenalin filled. Prior to departures, all clients will receive a safety briefing on the beach.

It is imperative that you please take note of the safety precautions at all times. Please be advised that clients should not participate in Whale Watching should they be pregnant.

Beach Launching through the surf zone may be considered a high-impact adventure but one that is an incredible and magnificent outing.

Whale Watching from St Lucia offers you an opportunity to witness Humpback Whales, Flying Fish, Whale Sharks, and Dolphins. The magnificent landscape of iSimangaliso Wetland Park by boat is spectacular to say the least.

The duration of the Whale Watching from St Lucia is approximately 2 hours long out at sea. Please note that the entire duration may be longer as this includes a transfer from town to the beach and back.

Clients are requested to meet at the office where they will be asked to sign an indemnity form, you will then be transferred to the beach from where you will meet the Whale Watching Crew and Skipper.

A safety briefing will follow and if the conditions are favorable you will be allocated a seat on the vessel. Once lifejackets have been doned and the skipper has completed all checks you are off. Sit back and get ready for some magical sights of one of the largest mammals on earth.

Why do Humpback Whales migrate past St Lucia

The primary reason is breeding, Humpback Whales will travel from their feeding grounds down South, Northwards to warmer waters. A long and arduous trip to say the least. We have included a link below with some magnificent Humpback Whale Facts and migratory route information.

humpback whale breeding areas including st lucia

St Lucia Whale Watching Season

  • June to end November

Best Time to go Whale Watching in St Lucia

  • July to August

happy whale watching clients on board vessel

Did you know that Humpbacks Breach, Sail and Tail Slap. Breaching is done to eliminate parasites, communication and may also be done for fun. Humpback Whales are 1 of 12 species of Baleen Whales.

It is estimated that only 60 000 Humpback Whales may be found in the Oceans Waters. Commercial Whaling no longer exists however Japan continues to hunt the specie for scientific purposes.

Humpback Whales may live up to an extraordinary 50 years. One of the longest ever recorded migrations of a Humpback Whale was 18840 kilometers.

For more amazing Humpback Whale Facts

Whale Watching from St Lucia & Cape Vidal (iSimangaliso Wetland Park), has fast become one of the top attractions while in the area during the winter months. The coastline of St Lucia is pristine and also offers sightings of the second highest vegetated dunes in the world second to Australia. The warmer subtropical waters year round attracts the Humpback whales during their migration. The Primary reason for the Humpback Whales being in the area is to calf.

St Lucia was awarded world heritage status in 1999 by (Unesco). The area has since grown in popularity by both national and international travelers. The area is truly a wildlife paradise with Hippos wandering the streets at night. It is estimated that there are approximately 800 hippos in the area one of the largest free-roaming Hippo populations in South Africa.

1200 Nile Crocodiles might we say reside in the area as well. You will undoubtedly be delighted to visit St Lucia should you be interested in witnessing wildlife. Traveling from St Lucia to the world acclaimed Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park is a mere 54 km away home to the African Big 5 and many more species that roam freely. Should you be interested in visiting then why not have a look at one of the numerous overnight safari packages available.

st lucia estuary boat tours

During you're stay you might also be interested in a Hippo & Croc Boat Cruise for more information please CLICK HERE.

Weather Dependent

Please note that all Launches are Weather Dependent.

Beach Launch

Please note that Whale Watching from St Lucia is a Beach Launch and not a Harbour Launch.


You may get wet so please do take water proof clothing if possible.


Whale Watching season starts June and ends November.

whale watching humpback beaching st lucia
whale watching st lucia

What you could witness


An extra ordinary sight when these amazing animals breach the water.


You might even see some pods of Dolphins

Tail Slapping

Watch as they tail slap, or sail its going to be incredible experience while out


Not to forget that St Lucia is South Africa's very first world heritage site. 

What to bring along

Water Proof

If possible please bring a water proof bag along to store you valuables. 

Hat & Sunblock

It may be winter however if possible bring a hat and sunblock along.

Incredible news, this year the Whales have arrived early (June 2022) the first sightings were recorded by a fisherman out fishing. Further sightings continued and since whale watching trips have begun. It's a true delight and the town is abuzz once again with clients wanting to witness this amazing animal.

Please note that seats are limited so it is best to book ahead of time.

How to Avoid seasickness?

  • Seasick Tablets prior to departure
  • Light breakfast 
  • Take bottled water along
  • Should you become ill during the whale watching trip try and stay center on the vessel as this may assist as well.
  • Rest well prior to departure

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